Nick Sofolarides
Web Designer/Assistants Marketing Manager
Herb has been my manager at Fluid Metering, Inc. for the last two and a half years. He has been responsible for planning marketing strategy in the face of a changing marketplace and company requirements. Over the years, Herb has been instrumental in creating and maintaining FMI’s extensive library of fluid control applications, which has become a critical asset to our sales team. In addition, Herb has been a vital part of FMI’s trade show presence. He was responsible for selecting, booking the shows and travel arrangements and for many years was the “Face of FMI” at many trade shows both domestic and international.

Herb has written many articles, new briefs, press releases and blogs. He is well respected in fluid control and instrumentation circles. In addition to being a skilled writer, Herb also is an excellent designer and webmaster. He is also a talented musician and all-round Renaissance Man. Herb would be an asset to any team, with the knowledge, experience and attitude he brings.

David Francis
Customer Service Manager, Fluid Metering, Inc.
It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Herb Werner as an excellent Marketing/Sales Manager. 

I was fortunate to have met Herb Werner 18 years ago on my new job with Fluid Metering, Inc. We both worked in the commercial department; he as the marketing manager, and I at the time as a customer service representative. Herb was instrumental in providing my very first exposure and training in this technical field handling fluidics application inquiries, assisted me in honing my sales skills and also exposing me to my very first industry trade show. With Herb’s mentorship, I quickly learned the principles of sales which assisted me in being promoted through the ranks to supervisor, and eventually manager within a short period of time, which a testament to his strong presentation and teaching skills.
Over the years, I have seen Herb display his creative writing and presentation skills, and his undeniable talented expertise at marketing and sales. I have the highest professional regards for Herb as a person with a high moral character, principled work ethics, collaborative spirit, and his accomplishments in his field.

As a friend, Herb is thoughtful, dependable, family oriented, resolute, brings out the best in others, and an all-around great person. 
I would confidently recommend Herb Werner to join your team, as I know he will be beneficial in growing your organization.
Please feel free to contact me to elaborate on my recommendation of Herb Werner as a consummate Marketing/Sales professional.

Bill Rodman
Regional Sales Manager – Tire & Business Magazine
I met and worked with Herb over a 3 year period ranging 2010-2013 (I made a job change). Herb’s depth of technical knowledge was far more than most of the “marketing” people I encounter. But unlike a lot of marketing people with technical component solutions, he was able to scale up the conversation to the big picture…applications in a variety of markets and situations, differentiation from competing technologies, etc. A clear communicator in person and in writing, you would have thought he was a principal in the company by his passion and attention to detail. Since “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” I’d also add in that he’s just plain good company. Interesting and interested in you, a solid family man, just a pleasure to spend time with outside of work. If you have a position that matches his experience, he’ll be an immediate asset to your organization. 

 George Bienenstock
President, Beehive Marketing Group
I have worked with Herb for the last 23 years while he was Marketing Manager for Fluid Metering Inc. As the President of Beehive Marketing Group Inc we interfaced nearly weekly coordinating the advertising program and many marketing projects. Herb was highly skilled and extremely easy to work with in all phases of our mutual projects. I would highly recommend Herb for any organization looking for top-notch marketing management.

Stan Greenfield
President, The Greenfield Company – b2b Media Representatives
I worked with Herb on a number of b2b publications for 20+ years, and he was always up to date on our market coverage and made sure each media option was a good fit for his company. He kept track of performance and ROI from all of his company’s market and media investments. In addition to being a good market planner, he could also supply very well written and well researched editorial content for us to print.