News Releases

News Releases

Have a new product, organizational announcement or other newsworthy event? Electronic Press Releases and e-Newsletters are the most efficient and cost effective vehicle to get your message to a broad target audience. 

Electronic Press Releases
Sent directly to the publication editor’s desk via personalized email, we create appealing content, including high resolution publication-ready graphics, that move seamlessly from editor inbox to release.  Since most publications have both print and online presence, it is quite common for your message to appear within hours on multiple publication web sites, weeks before print editions will be mailed.  Your Press Releases now appear when you want them to appear and are not subject to monthly print timing and page layout constrictions.

  • New Products
  • New Markets
  • New Applications
  • Organization Announcements
  • Event Announcements
  • Website Updates
  • Trade Show Promotion
  • Webinar Announcements

Do you have a customer, prospect or purchased mailing list collecting dust in an Excel file?  Those valuable contacts need to see you in front of them on a continuing basis. Let them know about a new product, new application, new addition to your web site, upcoming conference or trade show event.  Send thousands of personalized newsworthy announcements with links to content on your web site, online conference & trade show registration pages, technical product specifications & drawings, YouTube videos and much more.  Provide us with your announcement details and we will prepare a professionally formatted newsletter and send that electronic presentation to your target audience.

If you don not keep in touch with your customers, someone else will !! If you do not reach out and follow-up with new prospects, they will become your competition’s next customer.


NEW Programmable Metering Pump

The Intelligent Programmable Pump from Your Company, Inc. combines precision valveless metering pump technology with integral programmable driver in a compact design ideal for integration with OEM instrumentation. The driver provides precision servo control of the XYZ pumps stepper motor for resonance-free, quite operation. Having 5 programmable inputs and 2 outputs, the Intelligent Pump is compatible with multiple programming platforms including, Visual Basic, C/C++, Delphi, LabView. Analog 0-5 VDC, RS-232, and CANopen protocol are supported with an optional EtherCAT communication module available.

The Programmable Driver and Stepper provide precision control of XYZ’s integral valveless piston pump. XYZ’s patented technology features only one moving part, a sapphire-hard ceramic piston, in contact with fluid. The rotating and reciprocating piston accomplishes both the pumping and valving functions effectively eliminating check valves present in conventional reciprocating piston and diaphragm pump designs.

For over 58 years XYZ pumps have been used for industrial automation, medical instrumentation, laboratory R&D, chemical process, pharmaceutical packaging, mining, alternative energy, water treatment, environmental monitoring, food processing and much more.